Full Circle Peace  provides support to individuals, families and organizations,  promoting and encouraging self-awareness and personal responsibility. Peace Ambassador, Teresa Speakman, M.A., offers personal and organizational coaching as well as compassionate communication classes, and workshops, with the vision of bringing about personal healing and positive social change. Teresa teaches Communication Studies at Ohio University Lancaster and serves as a volunteer trainer for Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio, based in Columbus, Ohio.


“Violence in any form is a tragic expression of our unmet needs.” ~Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.



Full Circle Peace is dedicated to making life more wonderful through promoting mindful living with compassionate communication.


Teresa is a Candidate for Certification with The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Words of Gratitude


“Feeling supercharged with love, gratitude, and understanding. Thank you, Jeff Brown and Teresa Speakman for a full day of teachings on speaking peace. I honor the great work you both are doing.”   ~Anna Ferguson, Nov. 2013, World Peace Yoga  Cincinnati, OH


“Self-care allows us to be compassionate to others. I know this but appreciated hearing it again. I will never eat a clementine or an orange in the same way.” 

“Mindfulness and the clementines. Surprise (gratitude)”   ~ Participants from a Mindfulness Meditation & Cultivating Compassion” session, Dec. 2013, Columbus, OH


 “Thank you so much for sharing your gift of Mindfulness at our Collaborative Conference. You helped make it a great success.” ~ Amanda Cushing, December 2013, Columbus, OH


“I enjoyed laughter yoga and found that it is possible to laugh for no reason.  It was fun and made me feel happier.  I learned that simply just looking at someone and laughing with them creates a connection.” LY participant, Lancaster, OH


“I absolutely loved Laughter Yoga. It was definitely an experience I would like to repeat.” LY participant, Lancaster, OH


“I thought laughter yoga was fun! I found the end very relaxing and believe it helped relieve some fatigue.” ~LY participant, Lancaster, OH


“Laughter Yoga was fun! It was nice to be able to act like a kid again with everyone else. I learned that you can laugh even when nothing is funny, laughing cleans out your lungs, and that laughing makes you feel better.” LY participant, Lancaster, OH