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Hear what some workshop participants have to say…

“My intention to improve my deep listening skills has already made a difference in some of my more difficult relations. My strategy to be patient with my impatience is helping take the time to hear someone out before needing to respond. It has helped me be more patient with my usual impatience to complete daily tasks, especially those I usually consider menial and boring! Thanks again for your workshop. FYI, I told my therapist about the positive impact on my attitude since the workshop. ~Marcia”

“Hey there, Since your workshop, I have found myself engaging in a lot of conflicts that I would usually run away from. Most importantly I feel more excited about the NVC process and its abilities.
P.s. I also adored your talk on mourning when needs don’t get met. I find myself using this a lot (and it’s very helpful). ~JD”

Participants at a workshop in Cincinnati, Ohio



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