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January 10, 2018  7-8pm at Bexley Library

Celebrating World Laughter Day May 2017, at Franklin Park, Columbus, Ohio

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Are you able to laugh many times a day? Do you give yourself permission to play?

If not, maybe you are stopping yourself from enjoying the lighter side of life. Look at the difference between conditional laughter and unconditional laughter and know you can start laughing for health and FUN!

Conditional Laughter  

Adults laugh only if our intellect decides something is funny and it is appropriate for us to laugh.  We laugh if the laughter trigger meets our conditions for laughter.

Do I think this is funny?

• Is it a good idea to laugh in this place?

• Should I laugh with these people?

Unconditional Laughter 

We laugh because we decide to laugh. It makes us feel good and joyful.

Helps us be healthier because laughter oxygenates your blood

• Makes you feel happy and joyful because laughter releases anti-depressants and painkillers from the brain.

Laughter Yoga at Bexley, Ohio Library

Laughter is a universal language which breaks down communication barriers, enables connection and an enhanced physical and mental state of well-being.

Do you need some more fun in your life?

☺ Does your business need some stress relief or a wellness program?

For centuries, laughter was referred to as the best medicine for body and mind but never was there a reliable delivery system. Laughter was simply the end result of entertainment or amusement.

Laughter Yoga is a complete delivery system, allowing laughter to actually be prescribed as part of a daily routine in order to realize all of the health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, unwind stress and uplift joy.

Studies have proven the benefits of laughter to reduce stress hormones, and increase oxygen in the blood, just to name a few!


Try Laughter Yoga with your group or organization
with Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Teresa Speakman


Are you interested and curious, but something is telling you that it seems weird to laugh for no reason? Read what recent participants have to say after their first experience of Laughter Yoga:

Feedback from Laughter Yoga Participants~


I enjoyed it because it actually helps me to relax and relieves stress. From my viewpoint, if you are feeling mentally stressed, yoga actually helps you feel relieved. 


I liked Laughter Yoga. I did feel a lot happier afterward.


 ☺ I didn’t really know what to expect out of Laughter Yoga, because I do Yoga, and was expecting it to be partially like regular Yoga in a sort of way because I  had never heard of Laughter Yoga prior to this class. I had a lot of apprehensions to do it, I felt really awkward at first when we started out and like I’d look crazy or weird doing some of the things we did, but after a couple of the activities within Laughter Yoga, I felt more comfortable and like no one at that point was being judgmental.  I learned that at a certain point, laughter became contagious and laughing just became more natural and relaxing. 


☺ I thought laughter yoga was fun! I found the end very relaxing and believe it helped relieve some fatigue.


The laughter yoga was a very new, strange experience for me. During the activity, I felt a bit stressed as it was pushing the social lines of normality and making me uncomfortable- something I think a lot of us may have felt. It was only after I left the room though, that a realized how liberating it really was and how much I enjoyed the experience. In hindsight, it was a very nice experience.


I liked it a lot even though I did have to sit down some.


☺  I actually did not think I was going to like Laughter Yoga and I thought it was weird at first, of course, but once I got through it, I really enjoyed it. It felt strange to laugh without having a joke, but it eventually dwindled down into laughing at other people’s laughs. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience.

I really enjoyed doing laughter yoga with the class! I’ve been very stressed and I felt really great just being able to take some time to laugh and relax.


 ☺ I enjoyed laughter yoga and found that it is possible to laugh for no reason.  It was fun and made me feel happier.  I learned that simply just looking at someone and laughing with them creates a connection.


 ☺ Laughter Yoga was fun! It was nice to be able to act like a kid again with everyone else. I learned that you can laugh even when nothing is funny, laughing cleans out your lungs, and that laughing makes you feel better.



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