Pottery for Peace

4directionplatterMy attraction to the handmade object, whether functional or not, springs from my love of nature, and in our industrial society, clay, stones, wood and fiber is as close to Mother Earth as it gets * Working with various aspects of pottery such as hand-building, wheel-throwing, experimenting with glaze materials and firing methods, keeps me in tune with earth, water, wind, and fire * Carving into the partial dried clay allows me to express my love for mother earth and hope for harmony in the world * Once dried and fired in the kiln, the form evokes a soothing presence in the hands of those in which it lands * In addition to making functional and decorative works from clay, I incorporate some of my clay works into jewelry, along with other natural materials *Choosing natural materials for my jewelry creations allows me to explore the beauty of ages that are revealed in the patterns of stones, and beads formed by myself and the hands of others from around the world * One intention that permeates my playing with natural materials, is to acknowledge different cultural achievements in art history, a simple reflection of oneness and harmony that is ageless*



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